Persephone’s Farm

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Look who’s happy and excited to try these fruits!!!! 😍

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Zelda and Geralt loves to eat fruits that’s why when I showed these to them, super happy sila!

What’s in our box?
❤️ Hami/Snow Melon
❤️ Korean Strawberries
❤️ New Zealand Apples
❤️ Driscoll’s Raspberries
❤️ Blueberries Bleuets

Persephone’s Farm offers unique and quality fruits and vegetables that’s not usually available in the market.

If you are also looking for a Mother’s Day gift, I highly recommend this box of healthy and delicious fruits from Persephone’s Farm 🍊🍉🍈


Let’s make our Momma feel special, happy and healthy this #MothersDay 🍓

You can order thru their social media accounts:

Facebook :
Instagram : @persephonesfarm08


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