Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Breastmilk War

Breastmilk War

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Being a Mother is fun – but it’s never easy. We Mother’s, go through a lot from pregnancy, to giving birth and the post partum journey that we encounter.

Just to give you a bit of background, I have been breastfeeding my first born, Zelda, for more than 2 years now and honestly I enjoyed every moment of it.

A week ago, I gave birth to our little prince, Geralt, and I can say he really gets hungry all the time and I’m definitely glad that I have overflowing milk to feed him.

BUT TONIGHT, these two cute little humans tested my patience, every bit of my brain cells and my strength as a Mom.

So I usually make them take turns in drinking and tonight I fed Geralt first and put him to bed. He’s sleeping tight so it’s Zelda’s turn to drink. After few minutes, Geralt started to cry and then Z doesn’t want me to get and feed Geralt because she’s still drinking.

Imagine having a 2 year old daughter throwing a bit of tantrums because she wants to solo the milk while the little one is so hungry and he can’t wait longer anymore. Geeeez.

I was trying to calm Geralt while trying to talk to Zelda. After few minutes of talking and trying to convince my 2 year old, she finally gave in, she finally shared. I was able to feed Geralt on the left while she’s on the right and honestly first time breastfeeding in tandem made me look a messy cow with my messy hair and haggard face and it’s not instagramable worthy.

But feeding them at the same time is WORTH IT!



It’s just one of the many tandems to come but for now I just want to drink lots of water, lay down on the bed and sleep.

Anyway, good night.