Thursday, April 18, 2024

Caesarian is nothing!

Caesarian is nothing!

How do you feel about this story?


Something we all should know.

A Caesarean section is a lifelong disability from the birth of a child until the death of a mother.

Many people often passes remarks like, “Oh, Caesar’s pain is nothing but only cuts the stomach !!” 

But let me tell you that the baby has to be brought into the world by cutting the 8 curtains of our body. Yes, maybe the feeling of cutting the abdomen is not understood because of anesthesia before a caesarean section but within half an hour, 3 hours of saline are over.
This spinal injection injected into the spine through a thick syringe causes lifelong pain in the back of the woman.

The next 24 hours brings immense pain, that kind of pain where you feel somebody has chopped one of your body part but had not applied medicine but yes, it’s endurable after surviving that pain for 48 hours.

First 24 hours you can’t even turn yourself on bed, forget about walking by yourself for washroom!

Believe me, when the retirement period of anesthesia is over, you have to squirm like a hen with a cut throat.

24 saline is given in 24 hours and there is no need for me to say what is the pain in the injection site, when they puncture both your hands one by one with the saline syringe.
Canola saline is running in her hand, Catheter’s frozen body is trembling in the urinary tract.
And still with all these struggles, we have to breastfeed the new born baby and smile at our relatives, and on top of it listen to the 100 uninvited advise people and relatives around.

So, I want to ask people who has this mindset of  a Woman who brings the baby to the world through C-section has no indepth connection with her child like the women who do “Normal vaginal birth” have with their newborns.

You know sometimes long after the child birth we are tired and irritated, sometimes we can’t get up immediately from sitting, we can’t bend and pick up the child…

We can’t lift heavy things,
We can’t walk for long,
We can’t stand in ques,
As the back hurts bad !!!

But still we do EVERYTHING.

We have to because we are born as

Woman, and Become A Mother now.

And still, if you have to hear that it’s simply nothing to have a caesarean section delivery,
It hurts a lot then !!

Hence, please remember that whether it’s a Normal delivery or a Caesarean delivery – A woman, a mother, a wife (and so many roles she plays…) has to go through Pain involved in both the cases and she deserves nothing but only respect and care.




Mommy Belle (CS Mom to Zelda & Geralt)