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Getting To Know The Pageantry Journey Of Miss Universe PH 2023 Michelle Dee


Getting To Know The Pageantry Journey Of Miss Universe PH 2023 Michelle Dee


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On May 13, actress and model Michelle Dee won the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 crown as she represented Makati City, surpassing more than 30 candidates.

As she stepped up her game as a beauty queen, Michelle encountered bittersweet milestones before reaching her dream and getting the crown.

1. Miss Universe Philippines 2022

During her preliminaries for this year’s Miss Universe, Michelle Dee was recognizable by pageant enthusiasts as she participated once again after losing to Celeste Cortesi last year.

Her fight during Miss Universe 2022 was remarkable, as she became one of the leading contestants at that time. She also got the Best Evening Gown award and the Miss Universe Philippine Tourism 2023 title.

Her participation in Miss Universe the following year showed her determination to get that crown, as pageantry runs in her blood, recognizing her as the daughter of Miss International 1979, Melanie Marquez.

2. Miss World Philippines 2019

Besides being a known actress at an earlier age, Michelle bravely participated in her first major pageant, which started her reigning beauty queen career.

During this competition, Michelle was not the only celebrity to participate, as Kelley Day and Isabelle de Leon also competed in the pageant.

Besting the other 39 candidates, Michelle claimed the crown of Miss World Philippines 2019.

This Miss World Philippines 2019 was the last pageant before the pandemic that was held with a physical setup, as the following year was presented virtually.

Following this, Michelle previously disclosed that this has been a challenging but fulfilling milestone during her pageantry journey.

3. Miss World 2019

After winning Miss World Philippines in 2019, Michelle has raised the national flag in over 40 other countries.

Michelle was not able to bring home the crown, but she still finished the competition bravely, claiming the 12th spot title.

Despite this, the beauty queen did not lose hope and was able to continue her journey as she participated in the Miss Universe title.

Looking into her milestone in the pageantry world, it was seen how dedicated and passionate Michelle really is about winning and representing the Philippines in other countries.

Considering her experiences, her hard work really paid off after she claimed the Miss Universe Philippines 2023 title.

“Each year was full of hard work, sacrifices, and risks that I hope pay off at the end. Winning this year validates not just to me but to every Filipino that with hard work, perseverance, and passion, you can achieve anything,” Michelle said in her Instagram post.

Hoping for the best, Michelle will soon get up on the international stage once again to represent Filipino beauty and pride.

“The next chapter of my pageant journey is no longer my own. It’s for each Filipino that I will be representing in El Salvador,” she said.

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