Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

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We, parents, as much as possible, will protect our children from anything that can hurt them or whatever that is not good for them.

But we also know that, WE CAN’T, and at some time in their lives our children will experience challenges especially getting sick.

Ugh. It’s hard to see and very worrying seeing babies going through something especially my children.
Okay so last week, we went to the mall and celebrated my husband’s birthday. The next day, her grandma took her and walked outside, went to the clubhouse and walk around. It was also very gloomy that day. When I got Zelda back, her temperature was very hot already and when I checked her, her temperature is 39 degrees celcius. It really made me so worried!!! This is not the first time that this happened when her grandma took her and brought her back sick. The first time was when she was less than a year old and she caught a virus where she was vomiting and pooping for days!

This time, it wasn’t like that but just fever. But it’s getting me worried because of the rashes. At first, I thought she’s having dengue but the symptoms are not showing, THANK GOD!

Her rashes on the arms and legs turned to wounds and she’s still feverish.

The next day, her fever was about 38 degrees celcius during the morning and then it disappeared around afternoon.

I made sure she gets enough liquid especially breastmilk because she hasn’t been eating properly.

What worries me more is my newborn baby, Geralt. He’s only a month and a half old and it’s pretty scary that he might get sick too. But thank God he’s doing fine!

Okay so Zelda was hyper again but her rashes are getting worse.

I researched about the symptoms and it’s showing me Hand Foot & Mouth Disease.

Hand, Foot & Mouth disease is contagious. If a kid who has this, touch a chair and Zelda will touch that same chair, there’s a chance that she will get it and get sick the next day.

It looks worse in person.

So we went to see our Pediatrician, and she already knew the first time she saw the rashes that it’s HFMD. Geezzz!

The rate of kids getting this are not going any lower.

Adults can also get this or be a carrier, it’s just that our immune system are stronger than our children that’s why we can just fight it off easily. But our babies? They suffer.

So how did Zelda got this?

I don’t know, probably when we went to the mall, or probably when her Grandma took her for a walk outside, I don’t know what she touched that made her sick, I really don’t know.

All I know is she caught this.

And she’s sick.

How do you prevent this?

Don’t bring your kids outside too much.

Wash their hands often and use alcohol.

Stay away from crowded places.

Give your child lots of fluid.

Seek and call your doctor ASAP if it’s showing symptoms already.

So far, Zelda is getting better. There are still rashes and scabs but we’re praying that there will be no more, anymore.