Tuesday, June 18, 2024

More Milk Please?

More Milk Please?

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Hey there Momma, are you boobies not cooperating with you and the milk is not enough yet for you little one?

As a first time mom (2 years ago), I was pretty scared that I won’t be able to provide mill for Zelda because during latching time, I had only little amount of milk. My boobies were engorged but the milk was a bit little. 2 years after, I’m still breastfeeding my first born Zelda and now feeding my second born Geralt, both at the same time.

So I want to share my quick tips on how I was able to sustain my milk all these years. This is based on my own experience and it may not be effective to some other moms.

As a Mom, I know our body gets lack of sleep and a bit stressed especially if you’re a first time mom.

SLEEP is very important

Again, S L E E P!

When the baby is sleeping, try to get some sleep at the same time too. That’s what everyone has been telling me, so I did. It helped my body to recover from pregnancy to the CRAZZZZYYYY MOMMA FREAKIN PAIN of labour and CS operation. Yes I did trial labour but it wasn’t successful so I ended up doing CS when I gave birth to Zelda and another CS though it was scheduled already for Geralt.
Sooo sleep is very important for to keep us sane.

Let your baby have unlimited latch. I usually breastfeed my babies every 2-3 hours or whenever they want and for about 20-30 minutes. It’s not spoiling them, it’s natural because they need it.

Take care of yourself as well because it really has a big impact on your milk supply. As much as possible ear healthy food and drinks.

Drinking lactating drinks and vitamins helps a lot too! What really helped me to lactate more is drinking M2 Malunggay Tea.

M2 Malunggay Tea really helped me produce more milk and it serves as my vitamins as well.


1. It Has A Lot Of Antioxidants
2. Help Combat Malnutrition
3. It Can Lower Blood Sugar Levels
4. It’s Anti-Inflammatory
5. It Strengthens The Immune System
6. It Increases Milk Supply For Moms
7. It Helps Lower Cholesterol

And M2 Malunggay Tea has this and its DELICIOUS!!!

[wpvideo 4PTttu93]

By the way, this is me drinking M2 Malunggay Tea in a tumbler haha!

There you go, again this is based on my own experience but I hope it can help a bit.