One Sacrifice

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Being a mother made a huge difference in my life.


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I wrote this 6 months ago…

I was working as an IT Analyst in an IT industry throughout my pregnancy and it was a well paid stable job.

The environment and people were really understanding, especially my teammates knowing that I was preggy.

Everything was already planned, I would go back to work after giving birth, so I can sustain what my baby needs.


I never thought that I would be carrying a wonderful blessing inside me and it was a wish come true.

I wanted to go for water birth but I was also pretty scared and I don’t want to risk our lives especially our baby if I fail in giving birth. The time has arrived and I gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby even though I ended up having emergency CS, it was worth it!  All the pain, mood swings, crazy labour of more than 21 hours, excruciating contractions, it was such an amazing feeling seeing my beautiful Baby.

I still can’t believe that I gave birth already and I have this big scar on my belly. The first time I saw and touch it, I was a bit scared that it might open and it was so hard to move and laugh and go peepee lol.

Anyway, I’m very lucky that my husband was there to support me not only physically, emotionally but also he was there always to take care of baby especially during the first hardest month. Seeing him taking care of our little one from the start made my heart melt. He sacrificed his job just to be with us and so that he can be hands-on with our baby. He’s such an expert already!

Days went by so fast and I was confused about going back to work or to just leave just like what my hubby did. I honestly didn’t want to leave my baby, and I want to be there every time she’s hungry when she’s crying, sleeping, etc.

In short, I wanted to be with her all the time. I also don’t want her to get used to drinking from the bottle because she might not like my boobies anymore. I want to give all the milk she needed and be there when she calls Mama😅

So while I was on maternity leave, I realised how time went by so fast. As the end of my leave approaches, I found a way for me to be with little one at all times. I applied for a home based job and luckily I found great opportunities.

Being a mom is life changing, and sacrificing my stable job so I can feed my baby properly and be there for her made a huge impact in my life, but I’m glad that I made the decision to leave, because it also made me focus more on my passion as a career while I breastfeed my little one at any time.

I know it’s hard to leave our babies for work but we all have our own decisions.

Some parents went back to their regular jobs, while others left.

Before I was even wondering, why does my parents work all the time and  I get sad because I wanted their time especially when I wanted to play with them.



Sometimes, you’ll never realise something that your parents sacrificed for you until you become one.

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