Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Ride with OWTO

Ride with OWTO

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During this time, one of the biggest challenge is our transportation and worried about how safe it would be if we commute. As much as possible, we want our commuting journey to be safe, comfortable and fairly priced. We want it safe so that we cannot endanger the lives of our loved ones and also our own lives. We want it to be comfortable so that we still have the energy to do our work and also to bond with our loved ones. We want it fairly priced as we our struggling in balancing our budget as the life is becoming more difficult in this time of crisis.


With this in mind, OWTO has made this three things that we want to experience in commuting possible.

They are a new TNC or a RIDE SHARING Company which is made by Filipinos for Filipinos. As they are made by Filipinos, they know the struggles that we face especially in commuting. They have also made their rates lower than their competitors.

OwtoPhl page is a platform wherein drivers/partners sent in their concerns and inquiries wishing for a swift response that will help sustain their livelihood in this time of Pandemic. It is a venue wherein they give jobs through announcements and that is also widely used for customer service to the riders.

They need our help in sending an appeal to Facebook about the restoration of their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/owtophl/

You can download OWTO from Google Play and Apple App Store Visit their website for more details.

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