Friday, September 29, 2023

Sarah Geronimo and Super LPG Stickers on Viber


Sarah Geronimo and Super LPG Stickers on Viber

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Chat away with Sarah G. through exclusive Phoenix SUPER LPG stickers on Viber

Popstar royalty Sarah Geronimo shares a rarely seen side of her private persona as an avid foodie with her latest stint as brand ambassador of Phoenix SUPER LPG—the newest partner in the kitchen of Filipino families that makes preparing delicious meals every day safe, sigurado, simple.

Sarah Geronimo shows how safe, secure and simple it is to cook everyday with Phoenix SUPER LPG

This is the heart of the ‘Sarap Pala Magluto’ campaign that seeks to introduce the joys of cooking especially to millennials like her, who are today’s generation of emerging homemakers, foodies, and cooking experts.

Now, through a collaboration with popular messaging app Viber, Phoenix SUPER LPG extends the joys of cooking to digital conversations as it launches a unique line of #SarahSUPERStickers that helps chatters express how they feel through specially designed stickers. Every download of this Viber sticker pack also automatically enters the user into the exclusive Phoenix SUPER LPG Viber community of fellow foodies where special treats, recipes, and kitchen hacks can be found.

These fun features are a welcome addition to the experience of having a reliable partner in the kitchen when whipping up delectable home-cooked meals. Phoenix SUPER LPG comes with a German-made SRG regulator that boasts of unprecedented safety features such as an inlet safety valve that stops gas flow in case of leakage, and a reserve indicator that can conveniently tell when the gas level is already low. Moreover, the regulator’s snap-on mechanism makes it easy to operate.

With the introduction of cool and hip Sarah G. stickers on Viber, it’s not only cooking that becomes a pleasure but chatting with like-minded culinary enthusiasts, as well. Express the joy, fun, and excitement of daily cooking with Phoenix #SUPERLPG!

The #SarahSUPERStickers can be download via

Express the fun, excitement and joys of cooking through Phoenix SUPER LPG’s exclusive Sarah G. stickers on Viber