Who would’ve thought?

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Your warm hugs and arms around me, are the safest place I’ve always been.


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Hi bestfriend,

You’ve been my go-to shoulder to cry on when I’m being dramatic, my cuddle mate, my pillow when I’m sleeping and my non-stop chatmate.

You never judged me for my imperfections and you’ve been a really great friend to me.

There was never a time that I felt I have to beg for a day or a time with you because you’re the one who makes time for me, always.

You waited long hours just to see me…

I cancelled our meet up, but still you’re excited to meet me.

I remember those days when you always message me,

“Bells, when are we gonna meet?!”.

I’m really sorry for those days, because you know the reason why I can’t.

You’ve been my partner in everything and throughout our years of being bestfriend and you are consistent.

You always believed in me and the things that I was scared of doing.

Even that time when we’re both busy to the point where we never talked that much anymore, you still made an effort to see me or talk to me.

As my BESTESSSSSST FRIEND EVER, we know everything about each other and I’m glad that there’s no filter between us ever since.

Well, it’s not new to us that people mistakenly thought that we were dating back in the days when we’re actually not, yet. Hahaha

But who would’ve thought right?

Maybe that’s why it didn’t work with anyone else, because it’s you.

This time, it’s real.


You and Me.


My dearest husband,
My heart is filled with sooo much happiness because after all the shitty things I’ve done in my life, I am blessed to have you.

When I was a kid, I always thought of marrying my best friend and I always pray that if ever I get pregnant, I want it to be with the one who’s meant for me.


It’s you all along.


It took us years though lol but those years made our bond stronger.

I’m just really grateful for everything that I shared and will be sharing with you.

And I am more grateful because you are the father of our beautiful princess.

Our baby is lucky to have a hardworking, genuine, caring, funny, weirdo, genius and the best father ever.


My love, Happy Father’s Day.

May you always remember that you have your family here to support you and who’s going to punch straight to the throat whoever comes your way or hurt you. Lol. Just kidding!


Can we have your hugs and kisses again soon?




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