Zero-waste Lifestyle? Hmm.

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Switching to a zero-waste lifestyle is probably something you’ve been wanting to try or do, or you heard from a friend who’s trying to live zero-waste, or you’ve seen in social media especially now that more and more people are starting to do it.

But let’s be honest, everywhere we look, usage of plastics are EVERYWHERE. It has been part of our lives and unconsciously we are the major reason why our environment is suffering. Not only our environment but also the innocent animals around us, air, land and especially water animals.

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And I don’t want that day to come where we breath plastic and where it’s too late for us to save our home.


Let’s save our home now.


Okay so some people would probably think
“How can I do that, it’s impossible?”
“I use plastic when I go shopping”
“I need plastic to carry my groceries”
“Every purchase I make involves plastic”

While we know it’s going to make a HUGE change in your lifestyle especially now a days that we consume plastic all the time, and I bet you, it’s going to be easier than you think. So how are you going to start it?

So how are we going to go for Zero-waste?

Start with baby steps.

Straws. Have you seen that video of a turtle who suffered so much because the straw went inside his nose? You can see that he can’t breath properly… Well thank goodness there were rescuers who were able to remove it. He’s one lucky turtle.

But can you imagine, what if there were no rescuers that time?

And how about the other animals?

It’s not only the turtle but most aquamarine animals suffer because 80% of our trash goes to the ocean. Hazardous chemicals, plastics, etc., goes to these poor animals.

Unfortunately, they are majorly affected because of us and they’re slowly getting extinct.

Stop using plastic straws. Ditch that shit!

One easy way is by carrying a reusable stainless straws in your bag so you won’t have to keep using plastic straws anymore. That means you get to save about 580 plastic straws a year!

How’s that for a motivation? Ditching the use of plastic straws are easy right?

Okay so how about when you drink? Did you know that when you order a drink you don’t only pay for your soda but also the plastic cup you’re using? Yup you also get charged for that.

Well, if you have tumblers at home bring it with you, don’t let just sit around your home and start making use of it.

When you’re at the restaurant or if you want to take out your drink, you don’t have to worry if it’s going to make a mess because it’s spill proof as well.

If you don’t have one yet, better get one now. A single purchase of a tumbler can definitely lasts a long time. Cheaper and Eco-Friendly. Easy right?

How about spoon and fork? How will I eat?

I bet you have stainless spoon and fork at home so why use plastic utensils, when you can easily bring your own spoon and fork, and for sure you know that these are properly cleaned. If you forgot your utensils? Use hands instead!

Wait! How about when I eat sushi? Or when I drink soup?

Maybe, you can request from the restaurant if it’s possible to use stainless utensils if it’s available.

There are stainless chopsticks, soup spoon, that you can buy at the department store as well.

You can also use bamboo utensils!

So how about when you go grocery shopping?

Well, people purchase eco bags but they don’t usually use it. Some just dump it inside the cabinet, and totally forgot about the use of it. I’m guilty of this!

Did you know that groceries charge you for the plastic you’re using? Why pay for that when you have eco bags or any bags that you can use from home?

Uhm, bring out all your eco bags, put it inside your bag from now on, so that when you go grocery shopping you’re always ready. Not only it’s for groceries but you can use it for any type of your shopping. Isn’t that easy?

Adding these small items in your bag will not consume much and probably this is a good practice of living a better zero-waste life.

I’m not saying that we don’t use plastic anymore, but I just want to share with you guys these baby steps that can help lessen plastic usage.

The best time to start changing is NOW.

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